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October 14, 2007 - 7:13 pm - Posted by iDunzo

In the U.S., the iPhone trademark is owned by Cisco. Apple chose to work out a deal with them and avoided legal torpedoes.

Apple did manage to get the trademark elsewhere, with filings in Singapore and Australia bearing fruit.

In Canada, however, the mark has long been owned by Comwave, a telecoms company in Ontario.

Apple tried and failed to register the name there—but Comwave, unlike Cisco, won’t play ball on sharing the name.

“The force they put into marketing would quickly make the brand Apple’s and not ours. Co-existence is not possible.”

-Yuval Barzakay – Comwave president

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Yuval Barzakay added that it would effectively be hijacked by any such agreement:

What he’s saying, of course, is that is that everything has its price, but only if you want to buy it and he’s right.

Can you see Apple renaming the iPhone, or missing out on a market the size of California?

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