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February 12, 2008 - 11:01 am - Posted by Scott (guest blogger)

With web design growing all the time across the world, it’s important to make sure that you work with the right company and also get the best bang for your buck that you possibly can. With so many talented designers out there, all working for different prices and distinctions, you can really afford to pick and choose your designer.

However, one common misconception among business owners is that a cheap website will do – this is not the case, certainly not for a business that wants to attract customers. A business website needs to have a clean, sleek and professional look to it, it needs to have some key features and then also as much customer usability and support integration as is possible in your budget. What do I mean by all this? Perhaps it’s better seen in an example – look at Wongaforbusiness.com in your browser. What you may notice after the slider tool is the sheer amount of information being presented to visitors landing on the homepage, there’s essentially everything a first time visitor could want to know right there on one page – this usability and convenience is something you should look to incorporate yourself.

Whether your business is booming and you want to take it to the next level, or profits are dropping and you need a way to bring in new fresh business, then a business website is going to be your answer. The internet is quickly becoming the new way to get business in the world and it’s important that you do not miss out on your opportunity to do so.
With local advertising and word of mouth advertising, a business can only reach so far. If you are in a business where you can reach people outside your local catchment area, then a website is the key to your future success. For a plastering company, for example, it would be difficult to pick up jobs across the other end of the country, but anything within a couple of hours drive is fair game. With a website, you can target people from all across the country, and pick and choose your jobs as they come depending on whether or not you can fit the business in. A well designed website for a manual laboring/services company is going to have the phone ringing more and more, especially if you have invested in SEO – Search Engine Optimization, where you appear on search engines – and make sure your customer support funnel is running properly.

A company which sells products could serve well from an e-commerce website, which is full of features allowing clients to buy products directly from you online, and an automated process carrying out the rest. The power with this is that rather than selling your product in your hometown, you can now ship it across the whole world and really bring in business you would never be able to target with local advertising and word of mouth, and the price of that type of advertising in national papers would cripple you.
If you are considering looking into a website for your business – whether you want to bring in customers with a strong description of your services and delicate SEO work or you want to expand your catchment area with the products you sell – then you should seriously consider investing in this. It can be a little hit on the pocket, but using a short-term finance situation would allow you to bring in extra business in the short and long term, while allowing you to improve your reputation and quality of service.

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