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October 4, 2007 - 6:59 am - Posted by iDunzo

Google Maps has rolled some of the Google Labs public transit features into the main Google Maps page.

Google Labs Transit

The new feature, previously available only through the Labs page, adds a new link to your Google Maps search results and shows you how to reach you destination via public transport.

Obviously the feature only works if your city happens to have decent public transportation and the routes have been added to Google’s index.

Driving directions are still the default view for search results in Google Maps.

To see what transit systems are included in Google Maps, take a look at the Google Labs page.

If you city isn’t currently part of Google’s listing, keep in mind that the company is always adding more transit systems.

In the past few weeks it has added San Francisco’s BART system, Santa Clara’s Valley Transportation Authority, and more. The public transport feature includes numerous listings in Japan.

The new public transport options on Google Maps include some nice features like adding time of day to see when trains are scheduled, and a price comparison between the cost of transit fares and the cost of driving.

You’ll also find links to the relevant public transit website (when available).

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