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April 1, 2000 - 6:47 am - Posted by iDunzo

Unlike regular search engines that require you to type a query to conduct a search, MentalPlex search anticipates your request by evaluating over 1.3 billion variables including:

  • the last 5 sites you visited before coming to Google
  • current air pressure, humidity and ozone content
  • astrological configuration at the time of your visit
  • speed and vectors of your mouse movement
  • personal aura and brainwave activity

Using proprietary predictive search algorithms developed through 13 years of research by an international consortium of PhDs in the fields of artificial and pseudo-intelligence, parapsychology and improbability, MentalPlex is the only search engine that accurately returns results without requiring you enter a query. Google’s CEO and co-founder Larry Page calls MentalPlex “a quantum leap in finding what you are looking for on the Internet. Typing in queries is so 1999.”

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