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November 2, 2007 - 7:57 am - Posted by iDunzo

I guess Google couldn’t wait two weeks to spill the beans.

It appears that Google is prepared to make an announcement on Monday regarding its plans in the mobile space, and sources say Sprint, T-Mobile and a bunch of handset makers will be involved.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Monday will likely be the day we learn the fate of the wireless industry.

Whether Google will move along an evolutionary or revolutionary path is completely unknown, but the result will probably shake up the industry either way.

At least two carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile, are on board with whatever Google is up to. Along with the carriers, handset vendors are working behind the scenes, too.

The Journal’s Amol Sharma writes:

While Sprint appears to be agreeing to work with Google to put the Web giant’s new Linux-based open operating system into phones, T-Mobile will probably go even further: the company has worked with Google for months on plans to build Google-powered phones with a variety of Google software and applications. As far as handset partners for Google, Taiwan’s HTC is a likely bet, our sources say. Samsung, LG, and SonyEricsson are also possible, but we’ll wait and see the full roster. Equally interesting will be who isn’t on the list.

Even though T-Mobile is lagging behind the other major U.S. network operators from a technical standpoint (no 3G yet), it is more forward thinking when it comes to its products and services.

In this respect, it makes sense for T-Mobile to be pushing Google the hardest for a more fully evolved product.

On the OEM side, HTC is an obvious choice but by deploying a platform, and not just one piece of hardware, it will allow more parts of the mobile ecosystem to share in the development and growth of the industry.

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