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November 3, 2007 - 10:01 am - Posted by iDunzo

Google’s Monday Revolution will be a suite of software based on Linux and codenamed “Android,” according to a story published at News.com.

This suite is implied to be an operating system (“it’s said to include everything you need to run a phone”) to be followed immediately thereafter by an SDK.

The rest of the story is standard gPhone preview: weasel-worded blather like “backed by some of the largest wireless industry companies in the world” and “carrier X is said to be heavily involved.”

Buried deep, however, are nuggets like JumpTap executive Dan Olschwang wondering if the whole thing is just a giant trap to get people to write expansions to Google’s software.

Tim Hanlon of Denuo points out that if the gPhone’s framework is anything like what’s described here, the carriers would be loathe to let it in their playground at all.

With all the buzz the past year or so with talks of a Google phone, would you be interested in Google gPhone software?

I’m all for this sort of “geek to the core” phone technology, especially if Google has a say in it.

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