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February 2, 2008 - 11:07 am - Posted by Scott (guest blogger)

Blogging is a very popular activity nowadays and proof of this fact is provided by presence of over a billion blogs in the blogosphere.

Why do people start a blog?

Anybody could start a blog for any reason that he / she thinks fit. But the most common motivations for blogging are to communicate thoughts, opinions and ideas to a wide audience across the web, as a passion, to kill boredom, as a diversion from their routine work, as a way to generate some income, by business organizations as a platform to communicate with their consumers, to generate more traffic and audience to online business websites etc etc.

Who are the People Interested in Making Blogging a Full Time Job?

Out of the many reasons cited here, a good majority are trying their hand at blogging with the sole intention of generating an income from their blog. Well, these bloggers are the ones who are already having a full time job, but dislike it for some reason and would love the idea of having their blog generate a major source of income instead of their boring job. These are the bloggers who are desperate to make blogging a full time job.

Tips for Making Blogging a Full Time Job

The first and foremost tip to successfully make blogging a full time job is to first develop your blog and take it to such a level that it earns a pretty decent amount of money each month. Once the flow of income from the blog has started, the next target that you got to have in your mind is to maintain a steady flow each month. Some blogs do earn quite a lot of money in a month followed by very less or zero income in the subsequent months.

The other option available is to actually seek employment as a professional blogger for a large website that needs a steady source of fresh content being produced on their blog. For an example of this, check out the wonga.ca blog page. There is a ton of original content that had to be researched and written by somebody, so why not you? Of course landing a job like this is a lot easier said than done, so having a strong portfolio of your previous blogging work (ideally already hosted on other high quality websites) will make your application all the stronger and improve your odds for success.

Such an infrequent and unpredictable source of income cannot be relied upon as a fulltime job. So, the basic criteria are to first start generating an amount from your blog that is adequate to cover your living expenses and hopefully help you save money as well and secondly to keep replicating this income trend every month.

The best way to successfully do this is to monetize your blog in more than one way. Experiment and try out many different monetization methods and never ever depend upon just one method or you could end up in a situation where you find that you have placed all your eggs in one basket.

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