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December 24, 2007 - 7:33 am - Posted by iDunzo

This prototype toaster, designed for Heinz in the UK by student Oliver Newberry, is probably the best toaster the world has seen.

Heinz Turbo Toaster

Instead of relying on pansy radiation, the Turbo Toaster uses a fan to take the heat right to the toast, blasting air across a heating element.

Fittingly, given the popularity of Beans on Toast with the British student, Newberry designed the Turbo Toaster to deal with the problem of the beans going cold while the toast was cooking.

While I might suggest it would be simpler to just start the toaster earlier, I admire anyone who solves a problem in such an over the top manner.

Amazingly, this might actually see production next year.

Source: Daily Mail

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2 Responses to “Jet Toaster Browns Bread in 50 Seconds”

  1.  LobsterMan says:

    50 seconds? don’t reg toasters take like 2 minutes? I wouldn’t say that difference justifies the bulk

  2.  Luke says:

    It seems ridiculous, but given that there’s microwave instructions on Pop Tarts, I’m never going to be surprised by any other idea for ridiculously fast cooking.