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January 15, 2008 - 1:25 pm - Posted by iDunzo

This morning’s Stevenote highlighted some impressive numbers for Apple. Here’s Steve Jobs’ keynote condensed down to the cold, hard figures.

Macworld Keynote facts:

  • Number of new hardware products announced: Two. The Time Capsule network backup device and the ultra-thin MacBook Air.
  • Number of product upgrades announced: Four. Apple TV, iPod Touch, iPhone, iTunes.
  • Number of failed product demos: One. Apple TV couldn’t load photos from Flickr’s servers.
  • Number of price drops: One. The AppleTV dropped from $300 to $230.

MacBook Air Notebook:

  • Weight of the MacBook Air, in pounds: Three
  • Size of the MacBook Air’s screen, in inches: 13.3
  • Thickest measurement of the MacBook Air’s slim case, in inches: 0.76
  • Number of inches thinner than the thinnest measurement of Sony’s TZ ultra-portable: 0.04
  • Base cost with 80GB hard drive and 1.6GHz processor: $1800
  • Cost with a 64GB SSD hard drive and a 1.8GHz processor: $3100
  • Hours of battery life Apple says the MacBook Air gets per charge: Five
  • Number of optical drives in the new notebook: Zero. Instead, MacBook Air users will “borrow” the optical drives of other computers on their wireless network using an application called Remote Disc.
  • Cost of an optional external DVD drive: $100

iPhone/iPod Touch:

  • Number of iPhones sold since the device became available in June, 2007: 4 million
  • Average number of iPhones sold per day: 20,000
  • Percentage of the U.S. smartphone market captured by Apple during Q3 2007, its first full quarter shipping the iPhone: 20%
  • Number of custom iPhone home screens users can now create, save and switch between: Nine
  • New applications added to the iPod Touch: Five — Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes and Weather.
  • How much iPod Touch users will have to pay for the latest enhancements: $20
  • How much iPhone users will have to pay for the same enhancements: $0


  • Number of songs sold in the iTunes Store to date: 4 billion
  • Number of songs sold on Christmas Day 2007: 20 million, a one-day record for Apple
  • Number of TV shows sold through the iTunes Store: 125 million
  • Number of movies sold: 7 million, a disappointment according to Jobs.
  • Number of major Hollywood studios participating in Apple’s new iTunes movie rental program: 11 — Touchstone Pictures, Miramax, MGM, Lions Gate Films, New Line Cinema, 20th Centeruy Fox, Warner Bros., Walt Disney, Paramount, Universal and Sony Pictures
  • Cost of iTunes rentals: $4 each for new releases, $3 for older titles
  • Cost of iTunes rentals for Hi-Def movies: One dollar more — $5 each for new releases, $4 for older titles
  • How long you’ll have to wait after a movie is released on DVD before being able to rent it at iTunes: 30 days
  • How long a user with a broadband connection will have to wait before beginning to watch a rented movie, on average: 30 seconds
  • How long you can wait before starting to watch a movie rental: 30 days
  • How long you have to finish watching a rented movie after you start it: 24 hours
  • Number of movies available for rental on iTunes by the end of February 2008: 1,000


  • Number of YouTube videos AppleTV users can watch on their televisions: over 50 million
  • New price for the upgraded Apple TV: $230
  • Amount of the price drop: $70


  • Copies of Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 sold since its debut in October, 2007: 5 million
  • Percentage of Mac users who have upgraded to Leopard so far: 20%

So there you go, the quick and dirty, way to sum up Macworld. Thanks for stopping by, please drive through…

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  1.  Jason Cole says:

    That MacBook Air Notebook looks pretty sharp.