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May 12, 2006 - 11:09 pm - Posted by iDunzo

Mission Impossible IIII’ve been trying to catch a movie with a good friend of mine for a long time and today we finally got to see one.

Mission Impossible III was the movie of choice.

I was trying to remember the story from the second Mission Impossible but all I could remember was Tom’s character Ethan Hunt was on vacation climbing rocks when he gets a message via his sun glasses, so I guess the second one didn’t impress me much.

I had heard good and bad reviews about MI3 but for $6.00 (the early admission price) and the chance to hang with a good friend, I jumped at the opportunity, plus I got to eat some good movie theater junk food.

One of the things that people kept telling me about the movie was Tom Cruise runs a lot and that’s a fact. He does run a lot. Run Forest run!

Over all the movie was good and I’d like to see it again. The only issue I had was some of the crap that happens to Ethan Hunt was really hardcore and he just kept on running… hehe… his back should have been broken half a dozen times.

MI3 Screen Shot

Philip Seymour Hoffman played a great bad guy named Owen Davian. The line from him that sticks in my head (no pun intended)

We’ve implanted an explosive charge in your head

He was very evil indeed but that’s ok. He did get his head smashed in the end. I’d actually like to see that scene again because before you realized what was going on, it was over.

I did notice one editing goof up in the film. During the interrogation scene when blood is running down Ethan Hunt’s nose, the flow is inconsistent. First there is a long stream, then a short one, then a long one again. It seems someone wasn’t watching in the editing room. It happens. I like trying to find goofs in films, so this is just another reason to go watch it again.

In the end, there was a lot of good action, special effects and suspense, plus it had a decent story line and a few cute girls, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go for it. Let me know your thoughts on the movie as well.

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