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October 9, 2007 - 5:46 am - Posted by iDunzo

PCWorld have posted a top ten of “The Ugliest Products in Tech History“.

While the Zune might not really be the worst design ever, it somehow seems right to have the dung-colored box at number one, although maybe “number two” would have been more appropriate:

Somewhere along the way, though, Microsoft forgot to include the iPod’s sexy design, opting instead for a boxy plastic casing and a spectacularly unflattering brown color.

The other selections, however, are mixed.

Sure, Nintendo’s Virtual Boy deserves its place, and the Furby should have been euthanized long ago, but Motorola’s DynaTAC?

The $4,000 phone is a beautiful, sleek (and huge) icon. And how could any geek not love the stripped down honesty of the acoustic coupler modem?

You know the rules by now. Which is the real ugliest gadget ever?

I’ll start: The TiVo remote. It might work great, but it looks like a cheap dog toy. Answers in the comments.

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