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September 24, 2006 - 9:44 pm - Posted by iDunzo

Weird Al Yankovic’s latest parody music video “White & Nerdy” has become an instant online classic.

The lyrics include a surprising number of very relevant computer-geek references, including MySpace, Minesweeper, “killer apps,” JavaScript, Segways, ergonomic keyboards, Wikipedia, “ROTFLOL,” and HTML.

As an added bonus, Donny Osmond is a back up dancer for Weird Al.

This video is a lot better then David Hasselhoff’s Jump In My Car for sure :)

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One Response to “Weird Al Yankovic’s latest parody”

  1.  Luke says:

    The DVD has six videos (not this one, though), subtitled songs and instrumental/karaoke songs, and one video of Al in the studio that I didn’t watch.

    Yeah, I picked it up the dual disc today…